Fighting For Reproductive Rights

Kentucky women and men are saying enough to this rise of extreme opposition to rights for reproductive health care.

Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC (RRFKY) is a nonpartisan, federal political action committee, whose sole mission is to:

  • Raise and funnel much needed financial campaign support to those elected Kentucky federal and state officials who safeguard women’s rights,
  • Identify and financially support those viable candidates who will fight against anti-contraceptive and anti-abortion legislation as well as any attempt to criminalize or restrict access to abortion, or to curtail access to contraception in all circumstances

Kentucky, and this country, has enough serious problems to solve, and our legislators need to leave women alone.


With the help and donations from our supporters, Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC (RRFKY) has financially supported and endorsed 18 Kentucky federal and state candidates who have committed to safeguard reproductive rights.   The endorse candidates include:

U.S. Senate Alison Grimes

U.S. House of Representative John Yarmuth

Kentucky State Senate Mike Cope and Siddique Malik

Kentucky State House:  Ashley Miller, Mary Lou Marzian, Reginald Meeks, Darryl Owens, Ruth Ann Palumbo, George A. Brown, Jr., and Susan Westrom.

RRFKY urges each of you to support these individuals.  Make contributions to their campaigns.  Volunteer on their behalf and walk your neighborhoods, make calls or distribute yard signs.  Hold a fundraiser for any of these candidates.  Most importantly urge your family and friends to vote for these dedicated men and women.

RRFKY is hopeful that ALL elected officials will educate themselves on what choice means.  Choice is the ability for men and women to choose what is best for them and their families.  That is forgotten by those extremist groups who fervently oppose reproductive rights.  And women, despite the outlandish paternalistic actions of those fanatical groups, really are smart enough to consider their options and decide what the best decision is for them and their families.

The women and men of Kentucky do not need governmental inference into their private lives — and only your vote can elect these men and women who will stop this crusade against women’s rights.