Candidate Information

Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC (“RRFKY”) is a non-partisan Kentucky focused federal political action committee that is dedicated to protecting all forms of reproductive rights through the promotion and endorsement of pro-choice candidates.

            RRFKY’s core issues are:

  • Protecting and expanding all reproductive rights and reproductive health care
  • Protecting and expanding full access to these rights and care

RRFKY PAC uses a questionnaire in determining whether to support a candidate.

Candidates endorsed by RRFKY may:

  • Receive a PAC contribution up to the legal limit per Federal or Kentucky laws
  • Be listed as an endorsed candidate in our media releases and web site
  • Receive RRFKY’s encouragement of volunteer and fundraising assistance from our supporters

 Endorsement Procedures

1)    Candidates seeking RRFKY endorsement are responsible for familiarizing themselves with reproductive rights and reproductive health care laws and legislation.

2)    In order to obtain an endorsement, a candidate must:

a)    Complete and return the RRFKY PAC application materials

b)    Have publicly declared their candidacy and filed required campaign documents

c)    Demonstrate how they have rendered a commitment to reproductive rights.

3)    RRFKY endorsements are issued for the current election cycle only and are revocable.  Previously endorsed candidates must apply for endorsement on each time they run.

4)    Candidates seeking the RRFKY’s endorsement may be personally interviewed, as determined by the RRFKY Board.

    Candidates and/or their designated staff with questions are encouraged to contact RRFKY at (502) 451-4564 or

Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC is not associated with, or authorized by, any federal or state candidate or any campaign committee.